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5 Year Warranty on all Submersible Pumps
7 Year Warranty on Well–X–Trol Tanks

Well-X-Trol Professional Water Tanks in Andover, NJ

Well-X-Trol is one of the world's most trusted well tank brands because of its tank quality, reliability and performance. Whether you're looking for a 20 gallon tank up to a 119-gallon pressure tank, Well-X-Trol offers more options and sizes than any other well water tank manufacturer and is sure to have one that meets your needs.
Well-X-Trol was the first pre-pressurized diaphragm water tank and features innovative elements like a sealed air charge and corrosion proof water tank reservoir. Andover Pump Co. is proud to provide Well-X-Troll Professional tanks that offer unique design features and provide reliable performance and longevity.

Benefits of a Well-X-Trol Water Tank

  • Strongest Tank Design Combining:
    • High Strength Steel
    • Multi-Dome Construction
  • Highest Working Pressure – 150 psig
  • Thickest Diaphragm
  • Toughest Indoor/Outdoor Coating
  • Best Warranty – 7 Years
  • Clean Water Technology™
  • Antimicrobial Liner Protection
  • Turbulator™ Patent Pending Water Circulation Device
  • DuraBase™ Patent Pending Composite Tank Stand
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